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Agnès b.

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agnès b.'s art collection

As well as being a gallery owner, agnès b. is also an avid art collector. Over the years, she has built a vast contemporary art collection, exhibited for the first time at Les Abattoirs in Toulouse, France, in 2004. Her rich photography collection was previously exhibited on two separate occasions: at the Centre National de la Photographie, Paris, in 2000, and at the Pavillon des Arts, Nogent sur Marne, outside Paris, in 2002.

In October 2008, the prestigious photography museum C/O Berlin, in Berlin, Germany, hosted an exhibition of photographs from the collection to coincide with the release of the JRP/Ringier art publication Collection agnès b. The agnès b. Fund is also in charge of preserving and presenting to the public this unique ensemble of contemporary art. Items from her collection are regularly loaned to museums and art institutions for exhibitions worldwide.

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In February, 2000, the agnès b.’s photos collection b. is exhibited for the first time at the CNP (National Photography Center) in Paris


In 2004, at the invitation of the Abattoirs, Toulouse’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, agnès b. exhibited her rare and original collection, which included photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, sound, video and films. For over twenty years, personal tastes and interests, encounters with a very diverse range of cultures and networks, following a “natural history”, have enabled the designer to build up a collection that is unique of its kind. The agnès b. collection is part and parcel of a certain vitality of production and artistic output; it is part of a commitment which goes way beyond the position of a simple private collector.

C/O Berlin

In October 2008, agnès b. saw her personal collection of photographs presented at C/O Berlin, the highly prestigious International Forum for Visual Dialogue. More than 200 art photographs and videos from the designer’s personal collection are for the first time gathered together outside France. The Berlin exhibition offer a journey through the history of photography with artists as varied as Diane Arbus, Andy Warhol, Nan Goldin, Brassaï and Robert Mapplethorpe but also Ryan McGinley and Ingar Krauss.


Her photographies collection has been presented many times, but those of paintings, drawings and sculptures is as rich and particular. The exhibition dedicated to the stylist by the LAM during the summer 2015 presents the most symbolic aspects and reveals especially the look always on the watch of agnès b. in what concerns pictorial writings appearance at the end of XXth century and beginning of the XXIth century, as the 60s and 70s anti-authority movements, the80s an d 90s revival of the graphics, the 90s and 2000s urban cultures, until the 2000-2010 new forms of video or performance. And if the portrait theme is one of the striking features of her collection, relationships between music and plastic arts and/or cinema and plastic arts are others, also notions of otherness, identity, counterculture, of time and of memory.

Commissariat: Marc Donnadieu, Curator in charge of contemporary art at LAM.

vivre !!

70 artworks of agnès b. contemporary art collection choosen by Sam Stourdzé, director of the Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, are exhibited at the Musée de l’Histoire de l’Immigration. The exhibition proposes hundred of artworks around eleven themes which give rhythm to the display: childhood, love, writing or identity. The artworks of Claude Lévêque, Henri Cartier-Bresson or John Giorno go alongside to those of Mona Hatoum, Kader Attia and Darling Samba, thus offering a sensitive look on the stories of those who came from elsewhere and an unseen dialogue with the contemporary artworks of the museum.

La Collection Lambert, Musée d’art contemporain, Avignon

The Lambert Collection presents a selection of artworks from agnès b.’s art collection scheduled during the Grand Arles Express, an “off the wall” program of the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles. agnès b., having collected works of art for over 30 years has already exhibited elements of her collection, but to bring together a body of work revealing the multifaceted portrait of her collection has never been shown on this scale. Bound by the same passion for art and love for creation and human beings, agnès b. and Yvon Lambert connect as much by their fusional implication with the artists for whom they are committed as their eclecticism and their avant-gardist look. It is therefore natural that 400 artworks of agnès b.’s collection will be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Painting, love, musing, music, experimental movies, teenage years, modernity, the avant-garde, Africa, all of these aesthetic landscapes can be discovered through the wealth and the diversity of the exhibited artworks, interwoven with a great passion for life and the fight for freedom.