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Agnès b.

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galerie du jour

agnès b. opened her first art gallery on rue du Jour in 1984. At that time, it was adjoining the women store. In 1998, the gallery moved to a bigger space, but kept the name. It just closed to re-open in 2019 within the agnès b. foundation… keep tuned!

“I wanted to create a gallery to be able to show what I love. It is called a gallery but one could say a place to show the various faces of things. I would also like to imagine new ways of circulating images, and give everyone access to it.” – agnès b.

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In 1984, the first Galerie du Jour was located next to Saint Eustache church, and the location today is an agnès b. women’s shop. The gallery moved to rue Quincampoix, to the historic address of the Jean Fournier gallery, where agnès b. worked half-time on the artworks inventory when she was 17 years old. Photography and graffiti are both strong commitments of the gallery since its opening.


With about ten exhibitions per year, the agnès b. Galerie du Jour has presented painters, mixed media artists, and photographers, including Martine Barrat, Katsuhiko Hibino, Loulou Picasso, Roman Cieslewicz, Nan Goldin and Claude Lévêque. agnès b. also resolutely made a commitment following in the footsteps of the exhibition-manifesto of the Georges Pompidou Centre from 1989 “The Magicians of the Earth”, who took contemporary art borders outside of the European and North American continents. She regularly presents African and Oriental artists artworks such as Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Acharay Vyakul or Seydou Keïta.


Ever since she opened her contemporary art gallery in 1984, she has been regularly organising exhibition/performances, like the ones by the Ripoulin brothers in 1984 and Futura 2000 in 1989, right through to the September get-together in 2001 featuring 18 graffiti artists from a variety of different backgrounds. As a collector, she also concentrates on graff artists.

I’ve always liked graffitis, like those I saw on the tree trunks in the Marly forest, or carved into the stones in the quarry of Les Baux. In New York, in the late Seventies and early Eighties, I became impassioned by all the graffiti that overran the city and the subway. I had not met Basquiat yet, but I remember seeing his tag SAMO. At around that time, or a little later, I came across the excellent book on subway graffiti prefaced by Norman Mailer. It’s a very fine piece of writing, and I think important, too. When I opened my gallery in 1984, I wanted to show what street art was for me: work by the Ripoulins (Piro Kao, 3carrés, Ox, Manhu, Nina Childress, Closky and Bla+Bla+Bla), which they would stick onto the big advertising panels in the metro at the time. In the gallery, I like exhibiting what strikes me in what happens “outside”, and drawing attention to what I find important in this surreptitious, determined expression. Futura 2000 has made the spray can respectable! He’s a virtuoso who can make a perfect circle with the tip of his forefinger…”

In keeping with this idea of dialogue/confrontation, agnès b. also created in 1999 a series of collective exhibitions baptized “Elective Affinities”, the principle of which is to offer to every artist the possibility of choosing in turn a guest, thus creating a chain of crossed encounters.
In alternation with photography exhibitions, the Galerie du Jour also exhibits group shows with internationally known and up and coming artists, which allows different mediums and voices to be presented.

As early as 1985, agnès b. invited photographers to work on a given theme, an idea later used by Le Mois de la Photo in Paris. In 1996, one of the exhibitions created by agnès b. on this principle, “Photographers and the snap cardigan”, was exhibited at the Georges Pompidou Centre.


A big closing party of the Galerie du Jour took place on Saturday, January 27th, 2018 with performances, projections and surprises! The Galerie du Jour closed its doors located in rue Quincampoix and will reopen in 2019 within the agnès b. foundation… stay tunned!


The galerie du jour agnès b. also participates in contemporary art and photography fairs across the world.


Opened in September, 2001, the agnès b. bookshop is the natural continuation of the galerie du jour which over the years and exhibitions developed an important activity of publication: exhibitions catalog, co-editions, posters and artists’ postcards…