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Agnès b.

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Artist's T-shirts
& Artist's Series

In 1994, on the advice of Cuban artist Felix Gonzales Torrès, agnès b. created a plain white T-shirt with the words “Nobody owns me”; it was a huge success. Since then, many artists have illustrated these collector T-shirts.

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artit's t-shirts and artist's series

“It’s a work of art and at the same time you live with it, sleep with it, it wears out and you love it all the more, you lose it, someone else finds it, it is passed round. Even if it is not a very valuable object in itself, you become attached to it because it bears a particular significance. It is a formidable medium for a work, ideas, a gag… to affirm oneself, too.”

Candy Crush, Jonone, summer 2018

Painter, graffiti artist, sculptor, Jonone starts his carreer during the 70’s by inscribing his name on walls and subways, “museums that cross the city” according to him. Based in Paris in the early 80’s, he meets agnès b. and exhibits his work at the galerie du jour since 1989. Their friendship will give rise to many collaborations : performance, wall paintings, t-shirt sold for Fondation Abbé Pierre’s profit, garments with his color pallet like the summer 18 collection. agnès b. chooses one of her Jonone’s artwork : Candy Crush. She uses the print on shirts, blousons, trousers and dresses for woman, man and child, a totally exclusive design!

The first work in her collection

“It was given to me by Antonio Recalcatti, a friend, in Milan. The opposite of Yves Klein: He painted the canvas black, put on a white shirt and pressed himself against the still wet background to make prints of his body, removing the paint. I was 20 years old.”

For agnès b., fashion is not art, art constantly pollinates fashion. Through collaborations with artists such as Dominique Fury or Ryan McGinness, with agnès b. clothing becomes the medium for a work of art.

artist's séries, Ryan McGinness

American artist Ryan McGinness decided to apply these very colourful works to agnès b. items. A shirt, a dress or overalls served as a canvas for the artist.

Following a request from Another Magazine, in 2007 he produced acrylic paintings on two white cotton slash neck dresses. He repeated the process in 2010 on a brand classic, overalls.