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Agnès b.

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snap cardigan

Since his creation in 1979, the snaps cardigan has never stopped changing. In long cardigan or bolero version, in leather, with studs around the neckline, in a long dress version : agnès b. loves to transform this garment.

For the woman, the man and the child, the snaps cardigan is declined in several colors, plain colored or with the iconic prints like the polka dots or the stripes.

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“A long time ago, i designed a cardigan for myself. I wanted a sweatshirt that opened at the front, with lots of press-studs to make it resemble an 18th century garment, an item of children’s clothing for adults or vice versa.”

The changes' snaps cardigan

In the beginning, this garment is in cotton fleece with a straight cut, rounded collar and two adjustable tabs. Then proposed for the child and the man,agnès b. don’t hesitate to transform it regularly : in leather rather than in fleece, wuth little sleeves, in bustier, fitted… It’s still unique and timeless.


Some history...

“I was always wearing sweat-shirts, and one day I thought that it would be really cool to open them, like the cardigans that I was buttoning on my way to school. I imagined all this snaps buttons very closed in order to have a garment like a Renaissance clothing, or a priest’s robe. So that’s the story of the snaps cardigan. I’ve created a model for me in white, then in black, I’ve made some cardigans for babies and men, and then for everybody!”

the very big snaps cardigan!

For an exhibition, agnès b. made for manufacture an XXXXXXL version by her historic supplier : EMO, based in Troyes. This snaps cardigan is installed at the head office, rue dieu in Paris.