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Agnès b.

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working clothes

“At the time, I found fashion too complicated. I wanted to start again from scratch, taking working clothes as a basis. I brought a new take on painters’ trousers, the waiter’s jacket, the builder’s dungarees…”

The obsession of Agnès b . : Twist materials from their original use.

Cheesecloth for example : “It’s fine and soft , the fabric falls naturally, the effect is not Sunday best while remaining feminine.”
A twist established in creative principle since the beginning : according to her, stylists must “invent”.

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“Clothes are no longer a sign of belonging.”

The emblem par excellence of the working attire: the overalls agnès b. is particularly fond of. She has always offered overalls in a range of fabrics and shades.

This winter 2017 is no exception. The jumpsuit is reimagined with zips on the hips and open at the back. A practical solution for this exclusive model! The zip jumpsuit, now a registered pattern of the collection.


Another garment that is part of the worker’s uniform: dungarees. agnès b. loves to make a short version, as in this winter 2007 look, in black and white striped cotton, worn with a cap and high socks.

the pinafore

Agnès b. has re-purposed the pinafore. It no longer serves to protect the clothes but is an integral part of the outline drawn by the stylist.

Laetitia Casta wears a black dress with white printed polkadots and pinafore by agnès b. Photograph by André Carrara for Marie-Claire in June 1994.

the shirt dress

Troublante, Bardot, Liseron, Trouville… so many names given to the shirt dresses designed by agnès b. For the summer 2018 collection photographed by Denis Darzacq, agnès b. proposes it in beige canvas. The stylist likes to add sensuality to a dress with a minimalist cut.

the work jacket

“I have always loved this blue which is the basis of French working clothes.” Initially worn by manual workers, blue work clothes were adopted by the students following 1968. agnès b. incorporates them into her wardrobe and transforms them into everyday clothes for everyone.

Jacket, shirt and trousers in indigo blue linen, summer 2018.