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Agnès b.

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agnès b. time after time

From the beginning, agnès b. developed a style that was subtle, chic and casual all at once, which helped to turn the Parisian into a fashion icon, a “style, a state of mind.” “Clothes, for me, are all about feeling in harmony with yourself to be able to think about something else. They are only a means. If I can help people to feel good, to feel attractive, so much the better, that’s what brings me pleasure.”

In 1973, agnès b. registered her brand name. The idea behind the name dates back to the 60s, when she was working for Elle magazine and one of her articles had to be signed. “I wasn‘t prepared. […] I said: ‘Just put agnès b.,’ as they do in news items, when they don’t use the full name. And then I devised the logo with my handwriting.”

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the first shop !

“For a long time, I wanted a place where I could show clothes which weren’t exactly styles, but very simple clothes and along with them a few pieces which would make them more feminine. I’m very fond of that mix of very simple, slightly rough clothes, and things which are softer.” agnès b. opened her first store in an old butcher’s store in Les Halles in Paris, in the central market of the city. At the time, the area was going through a radical change. This first boutique served as both office and workshop, but it was also a focus for expression and encounters: on the walls there were posters and graffiti, you could sit and chat or listen to music, and birds flew freely around the store.


the snap cardigan creation

“I wore white sweatshirts everyday and I wanted to make them more practical. I took a large pair of scissors and began cutting my sweatshirt without realizing that I was creating something!”

opening in New York

The 116 Prince Street, first store in New York, is opened in 1980, in Soho. In the process of change, this district was still insdustrial, like the Halles during the 70’s. “We felt like pionneers, as rue du Jour in Paris.” American journalists have quickly interest in the collections, so parisian.

first children store Opening

“I’m always between two worlds, the adult’s world and the child’s world.” agnès b. launched her child’s brand and her first children’s store in 2 rue du Jour in Paris.

first men's store

The store in 3 rue du Jour became the first men store

opening of the galerie du Jour agnès b.

“I wanted to create a gallery to be able to display what I like. It’s called a gallery but it could be called a place to show behind and beside the scenes, to show painting, sculpture, photographs and, each time, at the same time, to try to invent new ways of disseminating the images, to make them accessible to all: drafts, stencils, screen prints, engravings, etc. You will also find exhibitions there put on by the galerie. The place is still rough, still a bit like a butcher’s shop. I hope that it will become a vibrant place people will want to come back to, and hang around.”
Open since 1984, the galerie du jour is a contemporary art gallery which has shown the works of lots of artists.

the brand is launched in Japan

The success is immediate. Japonese love the collections and the Aoyama’s store – named the Maison d’Agnès in Paris – is always full.

“Des photographes et le cardigan pression”

In 1986, agnès b. selected 64 photographers, like Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Gilles Bensimon, Dominique Issermann or Jeanloup Sieff to shoot her snaps cardigan. These pictures are exposed at the galerie du jour, in 1986 too.


opening of the first store in London on the Fulham Road



Le cœur de Sarajevo

In 1993, as soon as the siege begun, agnès b. drew a heart more than 20 years ago. Sold in all the agnès b. shops, the money raised was donated to “Première Urgence”, an organisation which supplied the inhabitants of the city with food and drugs. Today proceeds are inverted by agnès b. endowment fund to benefit the “Reconstruct Bosnia-Herzégovine through Education” association established by General Divjak who organised the defense of Sarajevo during the war. The organisation assists war orphans or war disabled children in returning to school or university, and allows them to participate in educational and leisure activities.

agnès b. Voyage is created, the luggage and leather goods line

In 1993, agnès b. launched her bag’s line. Pure lines and beautiful materials are used for each collections, for woman and man.


free condoms!

agnès b. decided to offer free condoms in her shops to combat AIDS

the brand arrived in Hong Kong



“Des photographes et le cardigan pression” at Beaubourg



The “Point d’ironie”

“Yes, it was my love of art that led me into the adventure of the Point d’Ironie which we produced between 100,000 and 300,000 copies of, and which is sold all over the world, in galleries, museums, coffee shops, schools, cinemas and “agnès b.” stores to reach the widest possible audience. The idea was, in the era of electronics, to offer works on paper, to touch, to read, to frame, file away…”
Approximately 4 times a year, agnès b. and Hans Ulrich Obrist give free rein to a guest artist. Made up by the French writer Alcanter de Brahm at the end of the XIXth century, the “Point d’ironie” is a punctuation mark used at the end of sentences (as an exclamation or a question mark) to point ironic passages in a text.

launch of Sport b.

A mix collection for the youngs, composed by hooded t-shirts in jersey cotton with or without sleeves, some sweaters in fleeced jersey, some accessories… Some garments easy to wear and comfortable for sport !

agnès b.'s photography collection is exhibited at the Centre National de la Photographie (CNP)

the agnès b. cinema opened at the Hong Kong Art Center



Tara expédition foundation

Tara expeditions is a french non-profit organization active since 2003 in favor of the environment. A legendary boat built for extreme conditions, Tara is the platform for high-level scientific research missions.

Les Abattoirs museum in Toulouse exhibited the private contemporay art collection of agnès b.



collaboration with Veja.

A cobranding with agnès b. two years after the creation of Veja. Ethical shoes, some values and an attention paid to the design, materials and colours : a concept very attractive for agnès b.

agnès b. celebrates the 30 years at the Olympia in Paris

A big fashion show and a concert were organized at the Olympia in Paris to celebrate the 30 years. Patti Smith, a very close friend, is among the invited guests. Passionate about music which is for her “a real mythology for the young people and impact their manner of dress.”


creation of Agnès Troublé known as agnès b. Endowment Fund

Created in 2009, the goal of the Agnès b Endowment Fund is to put agnès b.’s social conscience into action, in the fight against social injustice, the protection of the environment, and not forgetting her permanent investment in culture and creation.

Launch of to b.

To b. a line for the young ladies, the lolita that the stylist loves so much and loves dressing up. “I imagine what I would like to wear at this age.”

Cobranding with Dim

An underwear’s collection for woman and man is realized with the lingerie brand Dim

release of “Je m’appelle hmmm…”

First movie directed by Agnès Troublé known as agnès b. My name is hmmm… is a fiction with Douglas Gordon, Lou-Lélia Demerliac, Sylvie Testud, Jacques Bonnaffé, Marie-Christine Barrault and Jean-Pierre Kalfon. He is released in France and is presented in some of the best film festivals in the world.

Jain dressed by agnès b.

For her clip “Come”, the singer choose the black and white dress with the little claudine collar, an iconic garment designed by agnès b. Since then, the stylist dresses regularly the young artist.

agnès b. at LaM

the modern and contemporay art museum in Lille exhibited artworks from agnès b.’s contemporary art collection

vivre !!

the Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration exhibited artworks from agnès b.’s contemporary art collection

launch of the book agnès b. styliste, for the 40 years of the House



launch of the store in Versailles



40 years !

the fashion show presented at the Palais de Tokyo is a tribute to the 40 years of agnès b’s creation. Each silhouette reminds the DNA of the house

La Collection Lambert in Avignon exhibited more than 400 artworks from the agnès b. art collection