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Agnès b.

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agnès b. x Laure-Hélène Vaudier

« l’heure du café. » by Laure-Hélène Vaudier

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Every season, Agnès invites one young designer to present their works during the agnès b . défilé, in which their designs usually bear the designer’s name on a special label. In Winter 2018, the young designer and illustrator Laure-Hélène Vaudier had been invited as this guest stylist.

Working actively in the art field, she gathers ideas from a range of artistic media, such as poems and novels, while she is also good at capturing thoughts in daily life. In the « l’heure du café. » series presented in the show, she focused on using pale, subtle and soft color tone to present a soothing feeling. The cuttings are tailored to make the clothing comfortable to wear on different occasions. Inspired by the cafes, she named each item after coffee names, leaving the impression of the relaxing tea time, while smelling the scent of coffees, the mood becomes more tranquillized.


À une Passante, Baudelaire’s poem… a dress floating in the wind while walking … L’amant, Marguerite Duras’s book… the girl with man hat and ball shoes… and l’heure du café. »

An important story for Laure-Hélène, who named each design after coffee… the Mocha coat, the Café crème dress, the Irish dress… With a certain nostalgia from the time people actually dressed up, she wanted “dressy silhouettes” that are far from the stiff tea time! If these women carry attractive soft colors and seem harmless – just like the poppy flower, a recurring motive which Laure-Hélène uses as a regular pattern – they keep their cards hidden. As the delicate poppy flower gives us opium, these women keep their cards close to their chests, they are hardworking and independent.



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