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Agnès b.

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The Fashion Show


women winter 2018

For winter 2018, agnès b. proposes a collection where the keyword is gentleness… gentleness of materials, mohair and cashmere, gentleness of colors, powder and printed. Street style looks are chic, fake fur coats and jackets blend with shetland clan check/tartan. Some dressy silhouettes are inspired by the Palais de Chaillot mural paintings, the backdrop of the show… asymmetrical collar taffeta dresses revealing a nude shoulder…


men winter 2018

For winter 2018, agnès b. urges men to dare: “dare Sirs!” does she write happily… dare to be yourself, dare to wear what you want and mix very simple, slightly raw garments, with more “sophisticated” ones… dare to be authentic and faithful to your values, as she is herself since her beginnings. Faithful to the simplicity which she praises and which is present in this collection, simplicity at first sight only because, as usual, it is details, perfection of the shape and the very careful choice of fabrics which make the designs drawn by agnès b. timeless! … assert yourselves and pick a full jersey outfit: coat, jacket, pants, shirt or T-shirt, with no sacrifice to style: clothes are flexible and easy to wear, keeping a couture style

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