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Agnès b.

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we are committed

Always committed alongside the most vulnerable people, agnès b. brings her support to several associations and organisations with a social, environmental or humanitarian aim. She aims to help increase awareness of the causes she believes in; this is why she encourages individuals to get involved by purchasing “humanitarian” products in agnès b. shops.

All profits from the sale of these humanitarian products are delivered by the Endowment Fund to organisations whose urgent work brings sustainable aid to at-risk populations. The agnès b. endowment fund was created in 2009 in order to organize and develop those actions, focusing on three main goals: culture, social & environmental issues.

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humanitarian and social

From the very beginnings of her clothing line, agnès b. opened the door to an entire artistic universe, and beyond this, working with Abbé Pierre or SOS Racisme, revealed a lifestyle and a world view in which thoughtful, sincere involvement in social issues is a life-long committment.

Created in 2009, the goal of the agnès b. Endowment Fund is to put agnès b.’s social conscience into action, in the fight against social injustice, the protection of the environment, and not forgetting her permanent investment in culture and creation. And as for all the causes she considers important, agnès b. suggests her clients to become involved in the action by creating products, humanitarian products, on sale in her shops for the benefit of these causes.

Thus, the profit of the red scarves sales, made of woolen or cotton according the season, benefit, since 1988, associations or hospital departments welcoming the people affected by AIDS. Since 1993, condoms are available in all her shops with the words “help yourself!”. More recently, in 2016, agnès b. choose to support the European Mediterranean Sea rescue association SOS Méditerranée by creating a scarf sold to its benefit.


The support, since 2003, of the Tara Expeditions project by agnès b. is certainly the best example of agnès b.’s ecological commitment. In 2006, agnès b. wanted an audit to be carried out of the company’s good and not-so-good habits. Following this audit, a road map setting out various action plans was created, and a green committee set up formed of volunteers from amongst the employees.
Actions included measuring the carbon footprint, producing an ethical charter, introducing environmentally friendly bags and wooden clothes-hangers rather than plastic ones, changing packaging (FSC and ISO 14001 certified), making the sorting of office waste compulsory, installing water distributors, limiting greenhouse gas emissions (GES) linked to air transport by keeping maximum production in France and Europe, and devoting special attention to the development of REACH standards. The company works with its suppliers day after day to incorporate these changes – hundreds of little modifications which in the end count for a lot!

Since spring 2007, it has been possible to ask for a biodegradable bag, made from potato starch, in all agnès b. shops. The paper bags and the gift wrappings given out in the shops have also changed – they are now made of paper arising from sustainable forests.


agnès b. is a house of conviction and commitment, a family enterprise that is socially aware, and tries hard as far as possible to keep her production in France and fight for French know hows, but also for traditional work and craftsmanship.

The stylist proposes a timeless garments, which unic style garments, at the same time modern and pure, suit any personality and can be worn for a very long time, the exact opposite of fast fashion! agnès b. cares about the well-being of her models and does not ask them to fit in a size 34. Finally, as a deserving heir of May 68, she remains faithful to her commitments by saying regularly: “we have never made advertising!”.