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Agnès b.

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agnès b. is convinced that private initiatives must increase in order to move things on and prevent catastrophes. The company lends its support to many social and humanitarian groups and organisations (Les Restos du Coeur, Handicap Sans frontières, Act up, Aides, la Fondation de l’Abbé Pierre, Médecins du Monde, Médecins sans Frontières), etc., to mention only the larger ones.

Also in agnès b. shops there are products from which the entire profits go to charitable organisations. Some of these products have featured for several years, while others appear when there is a temporary period of support for a particular cause. One way for the company to publicize the causes it considers important and maybe suggests clients to become involved in the action.

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Created in 2009, the goal of the agnès b. Endowment Fund is to put agnès b.’s social conscience into action, in the fight against social injustice, the protection of the environment, and not forgetting her permanent investment in culture and creation. And as for all the causes she considers important, agnès b. suggests her customers to become involved in the action by creating products, humanitarian products, on sale in her shops for the benefit of these causes.

Thus, the profit of the red scarves sales, made of woolen or cotton according the season, since 1988, benefits associations or hospital departments welcoming the people affected by AIDS. Since 1993, condoms are available in all her shops with the words “help yourself!”. More recently, in 2016, agnès b. choose to support the European Mediterranean Sea rescue association SOS Méditerranée by creating a scarf sold to its benefit.


agnès b. has been involved in the struggle against HIV/AIDS for more than 25 years. Since 1988, red scarves, made of wool or cotton according to season, have been sold in agnès b. shops with proceeds from the sales going to a variety of associations and hospital services in each of the countries where the company has a presence… In 1993, it was decided to make condoms available in all the shops.
The packets are freely accessible on the counters, with the words “Help yourself!”. Thus, each year, agnès b. distributes 60,000 condoms, free of charge. Finally, godmother of the 1st “Grande Braderie de la Mode”, agnès b. takes part in since the first, which, twice a year, mobilizes the creators of the Fashion and the Design in favour of the fight against the virus. During a weekend, many fashion designer clothes are sold to moderate prices for the benefit of the actions of the association AIDES.


Impressed by the abbé Pierre call heard on the radio when she was only 14ys, she spontaneously quotes his name when Elle newspaper asks her, in the 60s, which personality she wishes to meet for an interview… And this meeting is the beginning of an unalterable support: gifts of clothes for Emmaüs sales, creations of T-shirts sold for the benefit of the Abbé Pierre foundation actions but also personal investment when she becomes in 2006, at the request of the abbot, committee member of Friends and Godfathers of the Foundation. It is an honor for her to belong to this committed group of people.

In 2012, she puts on sale T-shirts orned with the abbé Pierre portrait realized by Jonone with the words of the winter 54 call (all of the margin realized on sales is put back to the Foundation abbé Pierre) and she makes a commitment, beside Eric Cantona and Jonone, on the French tv Le Grand Journal broadcast to collect funds: Eric Cantona’s Rolls Royce is customized in live by Jonone and awarded 125 000 euros in January at Artcurial to a French collector! In 2013, agnès b. Endowment Fund donated to the Foundation a house in the center of France, to create an experimental project of housing for homeless families.


agnès b. supports the European Mediterranean Sea rescue association SOS Méditerranée by creating a scarf sold to its benefit. Since the year 2000, more than 30,000 people have died in the Mediterranean Sea while attempting to reach the European coastline. The crossing between Libya and Italy is the most deadly migratory route in the world. In light of this tragedy, in 2015 European civil society rallied together to create SOS MEDITERRANEE, a European Mediterranean Sea rescue association.